Place 49 – Day 82: Auckland – Both Having Busy Days!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim started at 11 so she had a nice relaxed morning and then headed into work to get admin done.

Given that Kim spent most of her afternoon doing admin means that there is nothing to report back on.

As you can imagine it meant she did a lot of typing and getting confused.

It was interesting to get a handle on some of the back office things and some of the tasks meant that she had to learn more stuff and work closely with the kitchen, which was interesting.

During the late afternoon / evening Kim spent a lot of time in the restaurant and helping out there.

She ran food, took orders and made some drinks. During the more quieter times Kim had a dance to get on with more admin!

At the end of the shift Kim sat down and ate her dinner while chatting with Narina, it’s a nice way to end a shift. Just as they were about to head off the big boss came over so they stayed a little longer and had a nice long chat.

It was another good and interesting shift today.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had a lot of traffic again this morning, but was JUST able to get to work on time.

Once Curtis got to work he grabbed a coffee and had a few pieces of admin to do.

Once that was done and his colleagues got into the office it got very busy! There weren’t many phone calls but we had some emails.

Curtis got stuck in with a few challenging cases which is always good to do.. Kept him busy too!

At 11:00, Curtis drove to a client just 5 minutes down the road to drop off a laptop and show them how to use it. It was very straight forward and the guy was a nice person which always helps!

At lunch, Curtis went up the road and bought a chicken and mushroom pie and it was adequate!

After lunch, Curtis had 2 laptops to configure so he started on that but then ended up in a long email conversation with a client which stumped his progress!

Curtis left around 16:45 as he had a chat with his boss about exciting things!

He got home and made some noodles then just chilled out and played Xbox… He got pretty bored as Kim was working until very late!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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