Place 49 – Day 81: Auckland – We Bought A Bed!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was up and out the house nice and early.

When she got to work Kim got started on setting up for the day. This meant that she set up the outside furniture and got the paperwork ready for the day.

Today went pretty smoothly. The check outs went through nicely and this meant that Kim had enough time to comfortably set up for the afternoon.

At he end of her shift, Kim headed home and was straight online to buy a bed. As she finally had the time to get it done she sat down and contacted loads of people. Kim hen got a response from people selling a bed who could also deliver it!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work far too early today, around 07:15!

Curtis had some things to do but not much, so had to wait to take help desk calls from around 08:00 and fill his day with those.

For lunch, Curtis got a bacon, mozzarella and tomato sandwich which was delicious!

Curtis left work at 16:30 and drove home. The traffic wasn’t bad and Curtis was home at 17:00.

Both of us;

Curtis got home and Kim was there and then we went to the shop to get dinner and bed sheets.

Once we got home again, Kim made chicken pesto pasta and we had some wine, too!

Curtis managed to accidentally break a chair at the apartment too, purely by sitting down!

At about 19:45, our bed arrived! We bought one second hand but it was barely used!

We lugged the bed and mattress upstairs and it was perfect, if not a little small.

After moving the bed in, we saw a double rainbow outside the window!

We sat down and finished the wine and had profiteroles!

We went to bed to watch some more TV and then our flatmate came home and we had a long chat about our days, work and previous experiences!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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