Place 49 – Day 80: Auckland – It Burns!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim went to pay off the rest of the car and collect the second key. She drove to the very bottom of Auckland to get this done.

When Kim got back she had a brilliant chat with her family and showed them the new apartment and car!
She then had a tasty tuna mayo sarnie. Kim then got ready for work and headed in.

Once at work Kim helped got started on the check ins and other reception duties.

Through the afternoon Kim was managing the bar and restaurant too, until Narina, a restaurant manager Kim works with, came in in the early evening.

It was nice for Kim to have the best of getting stuff done at the desk and helping clearing glasses and serving at the bar.

During the evening a group who came in yesterday came back for a couple of drinks and asked to take some photos with Kim. They were such a lovely group she couldn’t say no!
All in all it was an interesting and fast paced night!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis left at 06:45 and it still took a bit of time to get to work, arriving at 07:20.

Curtis got to work and finished off some project admin and then pretty much the rest of the day was filled with configuration of laptops for next week’s visit.

Curtis went out at about 11:00 to get a snack and some lunch. For a snack he got a bacon and cheese sausage roll and for lunch he got a bacon and egg sandwich.. The sandwich was horrible!

Curtis left work at 16:35 and the traffic on the way home was awful.

Curtis drove to a supermarket to get something for dinner.

Deciding to get something better than a frozen meal, Curtis got 2 garlic and herb chicken schnitzel!

Curtis got home and started cooking. We currently have no trays, so Curtis had to put the chicken in the oven in a pan.

He cooked rice (but it was horrible!) and then went to take out the chicken from the oven, remembering a cloth as it will be incredibly hot!

Once it was out, Curtis went to pick it up again, but without anything around his hand! As this burned and hurt a lot, Curtis decided to pass the pan to the other hand.. Which is a good plan. He now has 2 burned thumbs and a slightly burned hand!

Curtis ate his chicken and rice.. Thing.. And then just played Xbox after doing the washing up..he was just waiting for Kim to come home!

Both of us;

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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