Place 49 – Day 79: Auckland – Handy Man Curtis & Kim Bought A Car!

We both woke up at 06:10 to get ready for work. Kim was buying a car so she went to work with Curtis and met the seller there.

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim went to buy her car!!
Kim grabbed a lift to the city centre with Curtis.

She met the two guys outside Curtis work and took the car for a test drive.

One of the guys needed a lift to the train station so Kim said that could give them a lift. She didn’t realise it it was about 15/20 minutes away from her home and work. Plus the post office didn’t open until 9!
In the end Kim ended up driving to near work and using the post office near there. One of the guys took the spare key so Kim has to go pick up the other key tomorrow. The great thing is that Kim owns a car and she has wanted a focus for so many years!

Kim then headed into work where she had a morning of admin to do before her reception shift started at 2. She had a little 30 minute break just before too!

Kim then spent the evening checking people in, helping in the restaurant and getting more admin done before driving home.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis went into work and didn’t have many cases to do but did have a lot of admin to do for another client visit next week. Curtis then took a few calls and emails and ended up using a lot more time than he wanted working on cases rather than projects.

At lunch, Curtis went to get fuel and at the same time for a cheese and bacon sausage roll thing which was big and tasty!

After lunch, Curtis got some of the project work done and then left work at 16:30. It would have only taken Curtis 15/20 minutes to get home, if he drove the right way! It was only a 7 minute detour though.

When Curtis got home, he had some noodles and setup the Xbox on the floor and played that for a bit. When our flatmate got home, she had some new furniture, such as some standing shelves, which Curtis then built and they weren’t wonky or a danger!

Curtis then played Xbox again for a bit until Kim got home!

Both of us;

Kim got home and we had a bit of a chat with our flatmate and then headed to bed. We watched a little bit if TV and then got ready to go to bed!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


3 thoughts on “Place 49 – Day 79: Auckland – Handy Man Curtis & Kim Bought A Car!”

  1. Hi kimmy car looks lovely , the flat u now living in looks nice to question y u sleeping on a blow up bed ? Job sounds busy and lots of fun take care xxx

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