Place 49 – Day 77: Auckland – A Busy Saturday

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was on a double shift!
So she got up, ready and was in work and setting up for breakfast by 6:30.

Kim mainly dealt with hotel breakfasts and then the set up for lunch time. At the end of the lunch rush Kim headed home for a few hours, before her next shift.

On the way back into work Kim stopped to grab a small bag of treat size choccies for everyone. A few people were working long shifts today and she thought it would be nice to have a little pick me up.

The hotel had a lot of bookings for tonight so Kim anticipated for it to be very busy. What Kim didn’t know was that there were many events in Auckland and a lot of people were out and about doing that.
It was still a good shift and Kim was able to get home a little early. This was really nice as Kim doesn’t feel like she has seen Curtis much these last few weeks. Plus Kim and Curtis move tomorrow so it was nice to relax before all of that!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had an alarm set for 09:00 and woke up about 1 minute before that alarm!

Curtis had a shower and then got some breakfast. Curtis had a relaxing morning and then put some washing on.

Once that washing was done, he put on another load and hung out the previous lot. He did 3 washes in total for the day!

As well as washing, Curtis also printed our contract for the apartment and did a lot of ironing!

For dinner, Curtis had some leftovers from Kim’s work which was a chicken and chickpea.. Thing.. It was actually delicious and had chilli in it so there was a nice spice throughout!

Curtis went to pick Kim up at 21:45 from work.

Both of us;

When we got home, we had an ale which we had leftover from when we planned to make a beer gravy. It was actually very nice!

We watched a bit of TV and Kim’s colleague popped over to take some freezer and fridge items for us as our new place doesn’t have a Fridge until Tuesday!

We move in tomorrow.. Another busy day!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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