Auckland, Invercargill

Place 49 & 51 – Day 74 & 4: Auckland & Invercargill – Steak & Beer (Again!) & Housekeeping

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was on the late shift so spent the morning asleep again! she then spent the late morning and early afternoon looking for a car. The new place that Kim and Curtis are moving to is much better for Curtis, it more than halves his commute to work, but now gives Kim a commute to work! It takes 20 minutes to drive but over an hour on public transport so its probably most convent to get a car.

Kim then headed into work. Once she arrived she gave housekeeping a hand with a few rooms. As Kim is not very trained in housekeeping she started by stripping all the beds and emptying the rubbish. Kim then went round and cleaned the glass surfaces, put the towels and toiletries in the bathrooms. After this, Kim ran around with the hoover.

Once the rooms were completed Kim headed down and hopped on the bar, this is where she spent most of her evening. Kim was then talking to a couple of the customers and they were mentioning how they would like to possibly do a function in the ballroom. This was very exciting for Kim as it would be her first function enquiry that she would deal with. Kim gave them some menu options and a little run down of the pricing. They seemed very interested, so one they left Kim followed up the conversation with an email containing what they had discussed. Kim also did a little paperwork for it too.

The rest of the shift Kim was taking orders and serving guests, it was a good and busy shift.

At the end of her shift, Kim sat down with another manager and had a chat while she ate her chicken nugget dinner. A brilliant meal after a shift.

When Kim got home she FaceTimed Curtis.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was awake earlier than really needed but he got up at 07:15 and started with work.

Once Richard was awake, they went down for breakfast. Once done with breakfast, Curtis basically worked on the helped all day. The machines didn’t arrive so he was unable to go and sort these out at the office.

Once work was done with, Curtis and Richard went out for some dinner. They went to a pub called ‘The Kiln’ which had a steak night on!

They each got the steak night deal for $15 and it was delicious!

Curtis then got a lemon tart for dessert!

They came back to the hotel and Curtis just chilled out. Tomorrow could be a rush as Curtis flies at 18:15 but the machines haven’t arrived yet so he has to get those done before 16:00!

Rush, rush, rush.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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