Auckland, Invercargill

Place 49 & 51 – Day 73 & 3: Auckland & Invercargill – A New Place To Live!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was on reception by herself again in the morning so she got herself up and into work bright and early.

She got in and set up for breakfast and then went around and opened up the bar area. Kim then helped arrange the outside furniture too. Once the restaurant had been set up Kim sat herself down and got all the paperwork together for the check outs. Throughout the morning all of the guests checked out and Kim monitored all of the emails.

During her 15 minute breakfast break Kim called home to wish her dad a happy birthday! It as kind of weird because here we are very much well into the day after his birthday but it was still nice for Kim to get to talk to him and wish him a happy birthday. It is weird doing the second round of virtual happy birthdays!

Kim spent the early afternoon organising the upcoming bookings and responding to emails. She then did a quick check round of all the rooms and did a couple of check-ins too. A pretty successful day!

Kim headed home to relax for a while in the afternoon. At around 5pm, Kim agreed to pick up a work friend on her last day of work and drop her off in another town, it was on the way to where she was heading and it was nice to have one final catch up!

Kim dropped her friend off and then headed over to a possible flatmate situation. This apartment was exactly what Kim and Curtis had discussed as their perfect apartment, one other person in the perfect location. When Kim arrived she got on well with the owner of the flat straight away, they ended up talking for about an hour about where they had been and how they had both ended up in a very newly rented out flat. At the end of the meeting Kim got handed the keys to the apartment so that they can move in with her on Sunday! Hopefully this is actually the last time that Kim and Curtis move while in Auckland. Kim is pretty certain of it, she has a good feeling!!

Kim then drove home, on cloud nine, and stopped at a shop on the way to by a celebratory chocolate bar. When she got back, she then treated herself to pizza and ginger beer for dinner and spent the evening watching YouTube videos and calling Curtis. A pretty successful day today!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up at 07:00, had a shower and then he and Richard went for breakfast in the hotel.

Once breakfast was done, they both did some work at the hotel and then Richard went off to a client whilst Curtis stayed at the hotel.

Curtis got a bit of work done whilst at the hotel, but it was fairly boring so he made sure that at around 14:00 he went out and got some fresh air and some lunch. He got a cappuccino and a chicken wrap with salad.

Curtis headed back to work and got a bit more done and helped out some other colleagues with work.

Once Richard arrived back Curtis went with him for a long walk just to get more fresh air.

They got back and Curtis spoke with Kim about our awesome apartment news!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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