Auckland, Invercargill

Place 49 & 51 – Day 72 & 2: Auckland & Invercargill – Late Start But Late Finish & Self Made Plumber

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim spent the morning asleep! It was so lovely and she felt it was deserved, seeing as she got up to take Curtis to the airport at 4am the morning before.

When she eventually woke up Kim relaxed and had breakfast and then got ready for work.

Kim was on reception so spent the afternoon checking people in and booking people in for future stays. Kim did have to tip to the hardware store, buy and then install a new shower hose thing. That was a first for Kim but apparently it works, so it was a success!

Kim was also managing the reception and bar for some of the shift again, which is nice because it means she can get up from the desk and help out around there.

At the end of the shift Kim had planned to go out with some work colleagues as a leaving drinks for one of her friends. Unfortunately Kim was unable to go because no where was open locally so they all decided to go over tho the city centre. This seemed pointless for Kim to go too as she has the morning shift tomorrow which means that by the time she gets to the centre, she would just have to head home. This meant Kim just headed home and relaxed.

Again she ended her night by having a nice chat with Curtis.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was up a bit later than normal today at 08:00. He and Richard got ready and then headed downstairs for breakfast. There was an assortment of simple breakfast options.. Toast, cereal, juice, coffee, yogurt, as you would expect from a hotel breakfast. They had breakfast and then headed out to the client.

Once they got to the client, they started right away with swapping out 2 machines. This was pain free and then they trained the two users on what had changed and what to do going forward.

Once this was done, they each jumped on another machine each and got those sorted. That being said, Curtis had some trouble with his and a few other issues which meant some things were lost and he had to call another company’s support and see if it could be resolved!

They stayed until about 19:30 but did go out and get lunch around 15:00. Curtis shared a pizza and chips with Richard at ‘The Auction House’ which was recommended to us. It was very nice!

They left here and went right back to the client and stayed until 19:30, as mentioned. When they stayed without the client there, there were a lot of cats to keep us company!

Once they got back to the hotel it was time to tidy up notes, send emails and then relax! Curtis just played some games and watched some YouTube videos as well as completing some LinkedIn Learning.

Tomorrow, the client only need one person so Curtis is staying at the hotel to get admin done.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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