Auckland, Invercargill

Place 49 & 51 – Day 71 & 1: Auckland & Invercargill – 14+ Hours of Work!

We started the day at around 03:45 where Curtis drove to the airport with Kim kindly in tow to take the car home.

Kim’s Day;

After dropping Curtis off at the airport Kim did the drive back home, but made a quick stop at the McDonalds near home because it was 5am and why not?! Kim then took the maccies and sat in bed while she enjoyed her breakfast.

Once she finished her breakfast it was the time that she would usually wake up to get ready for her early morning shift so Kim got ready and headed into work.

Kim was on admin today so there is little to report back. Kim did help with a couple of reception duties and lent a hand to the restaurant when needed, which was nice as it gives a little break away from the computer.

Kim was dealing with a booking coming in for Saturday.

After her shift, Kim headed home and relaxed and did a little house hunting for a few hours before heading out to dinner with the lovely Danielle.
Kim met Danielle at an Italian restaurant and they sat down for dinner when a massive sign for a pub quiz caught their eyes. They decided to switch tables and join in the pub quiz! This was such a great decision because Kim and Danielle had so much fun getting most of the questions wrong! In fairness to them, they were the youngest there by a few years and the smallest team by about 4 people!

It was no surprise when they came last. They did 100% get marks for effort and enthusiasm though and defiantly plan to head back and drag the guys with them.

After the quiz Kim ran Dannielle home and then headed home herself.

After being up since 3, Kim will probably sleep well tonight.
Kim ended the night by having a quick chat with Curtis before they both crash!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got into the airport and got his bag ready but nothing was open yet so he waited for his colleague to arrive and then they went and got a McDonald’s breakfast.

They then checked their bags in and headed through security.

Once they got through, there wasn’t long to wait until they boarded. On the first flight, they met a lovely 84 year old lady who was still going strong. She had traveled the world and was very interesting to chat with!

Once Curtis landed in Christchurch, he and Richard, his colleague, had about an hour to kill. They got a drink and spoke about work plans and then the flight was slightly delayed but only by about 15 minutes.

They arrived in Invercargill and got the rental car and set off to the hotel. They are staying in a 3 bedroom apartment which is very nice!

They got ready and then went to the client they were here to see. The client was very lovely and Curtis got all the required information and then headed back to the hotel room with 2 PCs, but not before having some lunch! At a cafe near the hotel, they got a MASSIVE chicken sandwich..

Once that was eventually eaten, they got back to the hotel and worked for hours!

At about 18:15, they just went for a walk and then went to the supermarket to get some snacks.

They got back and Curtis got Ironing done and then went to bed and finished some more work!

Tomorrow, Curtis doesn’t have to be up early so that is a relief!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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