Place 49 – Day 70: Auckland – New Team Meeting & Running Reception & Restaurant!

Today, we woke up at 09:30 and got ready to go and look at an apartment.

We drove to the apartment but decided that it wasn’t for us after looking at it.

After looking at the apartment, we went to get a coffee, walked around the Takapuna Sunday market and took some soup to one of Kim’s colleagues who was at home unwell. We then drove home.

Kim’s Day;

Kim got into work and got stuck into the reception. We had a few check ins in quick succession so that made things go nice and quickly.

During the slower moments Kim attended to emails and sent enquiries out about people’s arrival times.

We had one check in where the beds needed to be split into twin beds so Kim had to pop upstairs and organise that!

After a while the restaurant manager left and Kim was watching the restaurant and reception. This kept her nice and busy!

Towards the end of the night we started the close down and Kim started sending people home.

At the end of the night Kim sat down to a nice salad for dinner!

Curtis’ Day;

We got back and then Curtis had to head right off on a 45 minute drive to south Auckland where he went to a gathering of his new hockey team, the Scorpions!

Curtis had a BBQ there as well as meeting the other players and finding out lines!

Curtis eventually left here and drove home which took a little bit less time.

Curtis got home and played some Xbox, had some noodles for dinner and an ice cream for dessert.

Both of us;

Curtis went to pick up Kim from work and then we came home and went right to bed as we have to be up around 04:00 tomorrow to take Curtis to the airport for his 06:00 flight!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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