Place 49 – Day 69: Auckland – 11 Hour Shift!

We woke up around 09:30 and slowly got ready for the day. Kim was working at 11:00 and we hadn’t had breakfast so we stopped off at the supermarket to get a pain au chocolate each.

Curtis then drove home whilst Kim started work.

Kim’s Day;

Once Kim got at work it was straight to it! She started setting up for the function that we had today.

Kim also had to organise the rest of the staff and allocate them sections.
Once the function arrived Kim and another member of staff focused of that, so they spent the afternoon running food and making sure everyone was okay.

When they were leaving they said that they were very happy with everything, which is nice to know!

After the function Kim had to set up for the evening service which meant reorganising the staff and getting the bar area set up for the jazz band.

It was so lovely to work with live music in the evening.

The shift ran really smoothly and things seemed to work quite well!

After the function has been cleared up Kim sat down and had a lovely chicken curry for lunch!

Towards the end d the shift Kim started sending people home and allocating shut down jobs to people.

In the end Kim was the last person just shutting down the coffee machine and putting away glasses. A pretty successful night.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got home and ate his breakfast, along with a coffee.

Curtis finished his breakfast and went for a shower. After his shower, Curtis got the laundry out of the tumble dryer and put it away and then put on another wash.

Curtis packed away some clothes for his trip next week and then played some Xbox whilst he waited for the wash to finish.

Once the wash was done, Curtis hung the laundry out and then went back to playing Xbox.

Curtis then went to get Kim from work at about 22:00 but she didn’t leave until about 23:20!

Both of us;

We came home and watched a few funny videos and then went to bed.. We have a busy day tomorrow too!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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