Place 49 – Day 68: Auckland – Opening An Airport Just For Curtis!

Kim’s Day;

This morning Kim got up and had a mini spring clean. She scrubbed the shower and cleaned the toilet and gave the bedroom a quick clean and tidy.

After this Kim went out to grab some breakfast from McDonald’s! As she was driving past it to pick up Curtis from the airport it seemed rude not to!

Kim then hopped back in the car and went to the airport to pick up Curtis. She arrived about 15 minutes before he was meant to land but when she arrived she found out that the flight has been delayed by 20 minutes so Kim got a chair and made herself comfortable.

A couple sat next to Kim with a massive box of dunkin doughnuts. Kim said that it’s possibly the best way to be greeted at the airport. Kim and the couple for chatting and it turns out that the lady was from Southampton! Just down the road from where Kim used to live. What a small world! They then met their family and were on their way.

About 5 minutes after this Kim got a text from Curtis saying that he had gone through the arrivals tunnel and was waiting at the baggage reclaim! How he managed that Kim has no idea as she was sat right opposite waiting!

She then wandered over, manages to spot him and then ran over and gave him a big cuddle!

It was nice to have him home, Kim really missed him this week.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was up bright and early to get ready to leave Greymouth.

Curtis drove down to Hokitika Airport and got there far earlier than he needed early that the airport wasn’t even open yet! Luckily, a man that works on the runway unlocked the airport just for Curtis!

Once Curtis got in he dropped his keys for the car back and then got a coffee and orange juice.

He had to wait a bit longer than planned as his flight was delayed by about 30 minutes.

His plane arrived and he boarded, had some free water and a sweet and then landed again!

Once Curtis got to Christchurch Airport, he went through security and got to his gate with more than enough time to spare.

On the next flight, he got a free coffee and cookie and then landed late (was meant to be 12:20 but was 12:35!) and was finally able to see Kim again!

Both of us;

We waited for Curtis’ bag and then got back in the car and drove home.

Once we got home, Curtis had to do some work and found out he was away all of next week also but this time in Invercargill. That being said, he is with a colleague so it should be less lonely.

When Curtis finished work, we drove to look at a house which we could possibly rent.

We got back and were so hungry so we went down town for Vietnamese food! We had pork belly and a chicken stir fry style dish. Both were alright but not as great as last time!

We then went to the pub and got a Guinness!

Guinness ‘tache!
Guinness ‘tache!

We came back and were happy we could chill together again!

We watched some TV, drank whiskey and played games.. Perfect.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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