Auckland, Greymouth

Place 49 & 50 – Day 67 & 4: Auckland & Greymouth – Beautiful Drive & Night Out

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had a late start!
So she woke up and FaceTimed her family again.

After this Kim got some noodles and had a chat with Curtis.

Once she had done this she got ready for work and drove down.

Kim worked on the bar for the shift so spent most of the evening cleaning glasses and pouring drinks.

After work Kim and a few girls had planned to go out for a drink but two of us forgot our IDs so instead we all went and got snacks and had a mini picnic!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was up at 06:00 this morning, had a shower and coffee before heading out the door for a 1.5 hour drive from Greymouth to Westport. Luckily, the coastal road was open and it was absolutely beautiful. The drive is a tourist drive, but it was empty and there were a lot of winding roads (luckily the car has a sport mode.. Damn that’s fun!) and incredible scenery! Here are a few photos of the scenery. It’s very similar to Norway!

Curtis got to Westport and only did about an hour of work, but also sat with the client and had a chat and a coffee..most of it was work related!

Curtis left here and drove back to Greymouth. The weather had really picked up on the way back and was toasty!

Curtis got to Greymouth and went to the Greymouth office to check on the client and they were all happy, so Curtis went back to the apartment and got some admin done for work.

Once this was done, Curtis got a Domino’s (far too much for one person) and chilled out playing games.

Curtis actually fell asleep around 18:30 and so decided to have a quick power nap… Apparently he was tired!

Curtis found out that his team is now out of the playoffs after losing in 2nd Overtime 7-6! It’s a shame he doesn’t get to play with them again this season, but it’s been awesome to be back on the ice and with such a great group of players!

Curtis has to be up for a reasonable time tomorrow as his flight leaves at 09:30 (20 minutes later than planned!). Curtis then had a second flight from Christchurch to Auckland, then he will be home and get to see Kim!

Damn, it’s been lonely.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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