Auckland, Greymouth

Place 49 & 50 – Day 66 & 3: Auckland & Greymouth – Travel to Hokitika, Hail & Lightning & Big Steak

We have been traveling for a year now!

Kim’s Day;

Today was Kim’s first day on reception by herself!

She got to work and cracked on straight away! Started setting things up for the breakfast.

Kim then set up reception for the day, organising the housekeeping, check outs and check ins.

It was a really good shift.

Kim then went home and relaxed for a while and had a couple of little chats with curtis. Then had dinner with our host family. It was tasty chicken, roasted veggies with feta and lovely potatoes.

After this Kim played some Fortnite. She also was talking to a work friend and suggested giving her a lift home so at the end of her shift Kim went down to pick her up. Kim then went inside and joined her colleagues for a quick cider before giving her friend a lift and then heading home herself.

Kim then had a lovely chat with Curtis.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was up at 07:30 to get to the client for 08:30, but was definitely up too early!

The weather seemed better this morning, but it didn’t improve much throughout the day!

Curtis spent the morning helping with niggling problems as well as doing some training.

Curtis then completed the setup of a PC. Once this was done, Curtis drove to Hokitika, which is the next town along. The drive is beautiful (when it’s not raining!). There were llamas in fields, as well as many a mountain which looked very cool with the low clouds. It was a lot like Norway, actually.

Curtis got to Hokitika and wasn’t there too long. One of the PCs is pretty bad so we are just going to replace that, and they had a printer which he made a note of.

Curtis finished up at hokitika and drove back.

He got back to the apartment and spoke to Kim on the phone for a bit before having to call the client to answer some of their questions.

Curtis finished the phone call and then went off to dinner. He had seen a nice looking place just down the road so he went there!

The place he ate was called ‘Speight’s Ale House’ and it was beautiful! Speight’s are a beer brewery in New Zealand, and you can get their beer on tap here!

Curtis got a 300g steak with a creamy mushroom sauce with roasted vegetables and fries. It was heaven! This was washed down with the recommended beer for this dish which was called the Distinction Ale which was also incredible!

Curtis ate up and left here then had to setup a laptop back at the motel.

After this, Curtis just played some games and then spoke with Kim on the phone a bit more.

Curtis has to drive to Westport tomorrow which could be 2.5 hours away, depending on if roads are closed! Hopefully it’s a fleeting visit, though, as there is only 1 person in that office.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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