Auckland, Greymouth

Place 49 & 50 – Day 65 & 2: Auckland & Greymouth – A Cyclone

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim spent the morning relaxing. She played a couple of games of fortnite with Ryan and then had a nice long FaceTime with her family. It was really nice to catch up with them as it has been weeks since they spoke!!

After this Kim had some breakfast and got ready for the day. Then she played another two games of fortnite with Ryan and they won a game!!

Kim then nipped out to McDonald’s to get some lunch. She had a cheesy chicken burger with s coke and fries, very tasty!

She then drove into work, which was good because it was very cyclone-y and rainy.

During the shift Kim ran a lot of food, took a few orders and cleared a lot of tables. She also assisted with running food for two of the functions.

Towards the end of the shift Kim collected and put away the outdoor furniture and took a few drink orders at the bar.

After the shift Kim went out for a drink with one of the ladies. It was really lovely and Kim met lots of other nice and friendly people!
It was also quite brief because both of us are back in at 6:30 tomorrow so are keen to get to sleep!!

When she got home kim got ready for bed and then had a nice long phone call with Curtis.

A perfect way to end the day!!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got up and ready for 08:30 but didn’t have to be at the client until 09:00. The client was only a 5 minute drive away so he didn’t have to leave very early to get there in time.

Once Curtis got there, he sat down with the manager to asertain all of the information he required.

Once he did that, he began setting up a couple of laptops. These laptops got completed and then just as that happened the cyclone really hit! 100+ Km winds along with a LOT of rain!

Curtis continued to work and moved into some desktops to format and reinstall windows. The first worked fine but the second didn’t and we will be replacing that one.

Curtis allowed something to download overnight, so he left the office and had to lockup, as well as lock the gate up!

Curtis sorted that out (in the pouring rain!) and then drove to KFC to get some dinner. The store itself was closed but drive thru was open so he had to sit in the queue there for a while but then got his food and came back to the hotel.

Luckily, Curtis had downloaded some games so had something to do whilst there was no wifi!

Then, Curtis and Kim spoke on the phone for a bit after Kim got home and then Curtis went to bed.


– Mr & Mrs Hale

1 thought on “Place 49 & 50 – Day 65 & 2: Auckland & Greymouth – A Cyclone”

  1. Hi guys u both seem to be doing well and really enjoying life out there so pleased for u . Weather sounds horrid though take care miss and love u loads debbie xx

    Liked by 1 person

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