Place 49 – Day 61: Auckland – Jumanji

Kim’s Day;

Today was a day off for Kim! This means her day was pretty uneventful!
For the morning Kim lazed about and did nothing in a hurry.

In the afternoon Kim piped the chicken in a marinade and then headed out to the shop to grab a few more things did dinner.

She decided that she would do the Chinese lemon chicken again because it was so tasty last time, so we needed oil, spring onions and rice.

When she got back she started preparing the dinner by grating the carrots and chopping up the veggies.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work and attempted to finish off the laptop he had to sort out and this took another few hours. Once completing, he then had to sort out some admin for next week’s site visits, but there were some issues with that so that took longer than expected!

Curtis then walked down to the client with all the laptops (6 of them!) and completed the setup there and helped with some issues.

Curtis left an hour early as he didn’t have lunch. Unfortunately, a bus broke down on the only road into our town so Curtis was in traffic and didn’t get home until the time he would have anyway!

Both of us;

When Curtis got home, Kim was making our lovely lemon chicken dinner, which turned out perfectly!

We ate, washed up and then drove to Avondale to pick up something from Curtis’ boss. We decided that whilst we were there, we might as well make an evening of it!

We met up with our new friends and went to the cinema! We planned to watch Black Panther but it was all sold out, so we watched Jumanji instead and that was a solid choice! A very funny and well made film.

We left the cinema and popped to the supermarket and then we stood in the car park and had a chat and then we drove home.


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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