Place 49 – Day 60: Auckland – Into The Semis & Managing a Restaurant Shift!

Kim’s Day;

It was a late start for Kim today so she took it nice and easy in the morning.

It was Kim’s first evening managing a restaurant shift. This meant Kim had to shadow two smaller functions that we had, and organise the bar and restaurant.

During Kim’s shift she also assisted with a check in when the receptionist was preoccupied, this gave a pleasant sit down rest from the bar for 10 minutes!

After the shift Kim sat down and had some mushroom risotto with some of the staff. She could only manage about 1/3 because it was so rich and tasty! Too tasty and appetising to even grab a photo of it.

Kim boxed up the rest and took it home as a late night snack for Curtis.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work and still had the laptops to do from yesterday, but also had a lot of work for the site visits next week, so that took up Curtis’ whole day!

He had issues with 2 of the laptops which didn’t help and then wasn’t able to deliver them to the client as expected.

He did manage to get information from the places he will be visiting next week which helped, but he was looking to get guidance on what is happening next week as well as setup some accounts before hand, but didn’t have time to get around to it!

Tomorrow, Curtis will have to really knuckle down and get stuff sorted to be ready for travel on Monday!

Curtis then came home and had some instant noodles for dinner then played Xbox before leaving to the ice Rink. Curtis’ team had to win to get into the semi finals, and win they did!

They actually managed to win 8-2 and that put them top of the playoff wildcard table!

Curtis was all over the ice in this game and had a lot of shots, but unfortunately no goals.

Curtis is unable to play next week as he is away, but hopefully the team can get the wins to put us in the final!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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