Place 49 – Day 59: Auckland – CRM training & Double Shift

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was up and out early.
She helped set up the outside of the restaurant and then set up the reception desk for the day.

Kim dealt with most of the check outs today which is good. It means that soon she should be allowed to be in reception by herself.

Kim organised for a plumber to come and fix a few things across two rooms.
Kim then set the reception up for the afternoon, did a check out and headed home.

On the way home Kim made a quick stop to grab a multi bag of Maltesers as a Valentine’s Day gift for all the staff.

Kim got home, freshened up and then made some noodles to eat.

She also put together a little baguette sandwich for a lady at work who was working a full shift.

Kim then got changed and graded back into work!
When she got in she milled about and observed the set up and organisation of Valentine’s Day.

Kim then set up a welcome poster and checked in a few guests.

She was then assigned to be the person who met and greeted all of the couples dining with us. Kim would also be responsible for giving out the bubbly and setting each couple up on the system.

Throughout the night Kim took a few orders, ran food and helped behind the bar.

It was a good fun and tiring shift.
At the end of the shift Kim sat down with a coworker and had a nice chat over the free staff pizza.

It was a long, interesting and fun day!

Curtis’ Day;

Yet again, the traffic was bad this morning, but at least it wasn’t raining.

Curtis got to work and put on a pot of coffee!

Curtis had a lot of work to do, so he began on that, as well as some laptop setups.

At 11:30, Curtis went to a client to pick up a couple of laptops, which turned out being about 1 hour 45minutes of work as he helped out some people there with their issues.

Curtis got back to the office about 14:00/14:30 and had lunch, so he only had about an hour left of work.

After lunch, Curtis sat with a colleague and learned a bit about creating CRM forms, which was interesting and more to do, but something different!

Curtis finished off the day and drove home. He got home and Kim was out.

Curtis just played Xbox whilst Kim was out at work. Curtis also had leftover meatballs for dinner.


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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