Place 49 – Day 58: Auckland – Girl’s Night

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had a day off so had a lovely long lie in.

She then spent her day relaxing by watching TV and playing fortnite. It was nice to just relax.

In the afternoon Kim prepared a few little snacks for a girly night in she was going to in the evening.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had more traffic again this morning, with it taking about 40-45 minutes, which is much longer than usual!

Curtis got to work and cracked right on with some laptop builds he had to do.

Curtis was very busy during the day, which is good. He went to get fuel at lunch (as well as milk for the office) and then got back to work.

After lunch, Curtis got an uber down to a client and spent about an hour there to complete setup for some of their laptops and took back some other laptops to the office.

Once he got back to the office, there was a little bit of time left in the day and he got a few phone calls to deal with.

Curtis drove home in pretty good time.

Both of us;

When Curtis got home, Kim made sausages & potatoes with peas for everyone here. It was delicious. Really good sausages.

Once dinner was done, Kim had to leave as she had an evening out with work colleagues! Curtis just played Xbox whilst Kim was out.

Kim’s Evening;

When Kim left after dinner she popped to the shop to grab a few last minute things and headed to pick up her friend.

They then drove to the other friends house where they played board games, ate food and had a good old chat.

As it’s a work night Kim planned to be heading back at 10. They did actually end up leaving the house at 12! Time does fly when you’re having fun and eating food!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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