Place 49 – Day 57: Auckland – Cooking Dinner Together

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was up bright and early again!

Once Kim got to work she caught the other receptionist up with what happened the night before and then helped set up the bar and restaurant area.

Kim then actioned most of the check outs and helped with the hotel guests breakfasts.

It was really useful for Kim to just dive straight in and have someone more knowledgeable there to help when she got stumped.

Kim had a tasty breakfast during a 15 minute sit down. It was eggs Benedict with mushrooms on toast. It was amazing!

The hotel had a few Valentine’s Day enquires so we are getting geared up and ready for that!

It’s a good way for Kim to see how the functions come together and how the day preparations will work.

During the day the hotel had fire tests and Kim was helping with that for a lot of the day.

On the way back from work, Kim stopped and grabbed some juices for the week.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had to deal with heavy traffic this morning, meaning he got to work at exactly 07:30, 10 minutes later than normal!

Curtis had a lot of emails to catch up on and his boss was coming in so he had to speak with him too.

Curtis found out that he will most likely be going to the south island next week, which is exciting!

Curtis left work at 16:30 and drove home. There was a small crash in front of him which slowed him down a bit, but it was barely anything really.

Both of us;

Curtis got home and then Kim popped out to the shop to get panko breadcrumbs for dinner.

When Kim got back, we both made dinner. We made Swedish meatballs with mashed potato and vegetables, all from scratch!

It was great and reminded us of IKEA!

We then had a bit of a chat with our host and then we sat and watched some Peaky Blinders and then played some fortnite where Kim managed to get 1st place in squads!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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