Place 49 – Day 55: Auckland – Kim The Boss Lady & Whisky!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was up, out the house and at work by 6:30 again.

She helped set up the restaurant and bar area again.

Throughout the morning Kim shadowed on reception, did part of a check out and assisted with the hotels breakfasts.

After this Kim sat down with a colleague for some breakfast. Today was scrambled egg and toast! Tasty!

Kim then had a chat with the boss to run through the meeting she had yesterday.

She then checked up on housecleaning and set up all the rooms ready for the next guests.

Kim also put in a laundry order. Slowly and steady she is learning the ropes and really enjoying her role!

Kim then clocked out and waited for the Curtis to kindly pick her up in the horrible rain!

Curtis’ Day;

Although it was a Saturday, Kim was working 06:30 – 14:00, so Curtis slept in whilst Kim went to work. He had an alarm set for 10:00, but woke up at exactly 09:00 and panicked thinking he woke up late for work and then panicked wondering where Kim had gone!

Curtis woke up and got showered then had some Weet-Bix for breakfast before spending basically the whole day playing Xbox before getting ready to pick up Kim from work.

Both of us;

Curtis picked Kim up from work as it was raining and brought her home. We decided that for dinner we would have pizza, seen as it is pizza day, and so we switched it up and went to Pizza Hut! We did this as a celebratory dinner as tomorrow is our anniversary but Kim will be working so we cannot celebrate then.

Curtis received an email stating that he had not been accepted for a Guinness World Record. As the second part of Kim’s Christmas present, Curtis had attempted to get a Guinness World Record for the most consecutive written blog posts, but this was unfortunately denied.

Kim then gave Curtis his (shared) anniversary present! Kim bought Curtis some Glenfiddich 12 year… Which he loves!

We finished our dinner, watched some TV and played some Fortnite as well as drank a glass of whisky, of course.


– Mr & Mrs Hale


One Reply to “Place 49 – Day 55: Auckland – Kim The Boss Lady & Whisky!”

  1. You’re more than likely asleep now so Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary for tomorrow, what an adventurous year you have had. Sorry you have to go to work on it, but them’s the breaks when you’re working. Love you both lots. Xoxoxo

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