Place 49 – Day 54: Auckland – A Business Meeting & Braving the Rain

Kim’s Day;

Today was Kim’s day off meaning she did very little and chilled!

She woke up and lazily plodded around making breakfast and then got ready.

Kim played a couple of games of Fortnite and had a little lunch.

Although it is Kim’s day off she agreed on a meeting with a third party company which was due to last an hour.

Kim got ready for the meeting and headed to work.

She got in, printed off stuff and had a really good meeting.

She then headed home and helped out the host with making dinner.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis drove to work in the rain this morning and got right to it. Curtis had lots to do, but it was all varied cases so was very interesting and different.

Curtis had to head down to a client at around 14:00, and this was the only time that the rain held off!

Curtis got to the client and had to finish off some configurations on a laptop.

Once he did this, he gave them to the users and got them test and all was good! He looped around the office and helped out some people with a few minor issues but was able to resolve the problems quickly and left the client at around 16:10.

Curtis got back to the office and was partially soaked from the rain… He was much less fortunate on the way back!

Curtis then drove home in the rain and got back for about 17:15.

Both of us;

We played some fortnite together after discussing our day and then we went up for dinner.

We had another meal from MyBBQBag which was a whole butterfly chicken with a North African rub and some vegetables.

We finished this and then finished off the night with a beer and 2 episodes from the next season of Peaky Blinders!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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