Place 49 – Day 53: Auckland – First Breakfast Shift, Not Much Went Right & First Playoff Win!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was up too early. She had to be at work at 6:30!!

She headed down to work and it was dark and a little chilly, the total opposite to most walks to work.

When she arrived she help set up the restaurant and bar area. Kim also set up for hotel guests breakfast.

Once the morning was in full swing Kim was learning the toll system and things around the restaurant and bar. It was very useful! She even took a couple of food orders.

She then took a 5 minute break for some delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms and toast! Tasty!!

Kim was given a few admin tasks throughout the day but spent most of her time shadowing reception again.

She got to check on the rooms and make sure they were ready for guests.

Kim then headed home at the end of her shift and had some lunch.

She then had to pop back into work to have a chat with the boss about a meeting that’s been arranged for tomorrow! It’s always a good idea to know what the meeting is about before you get there!!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got up without Kim at home which was a strange feeling!

Curtis got showered, had breakfast and got dressed and then headed to work.

Curtis had to go to a client in the morning just to pick up a laptop, but ended up helping with some issues also.

Curtis got back and not much was going right! There were issues with laptops he was working on as well as big issues with client networks! That being said, it kept him busy!

Curtis left the office early at 15:30, using time in lieu, and got home for a decent time.

He got home and just played some Xbox as well as getting ready for hockey!

Both of us;

We drove to the ice Rink and got there about 30 minutes before the game.

Curtis got changed and it was a big game! A loss would all but eliminate Curtis’ team from the playoffs. That being said, it was a very fun and fast game with Curtis’ team coming out on top 5-3!

A win next Thursday means that they’re into the playoff Semi Finals!

We left the rink and came home. Curtis had some noodles and we had a drink and an ice cream whilst we sat and watched some TV.

Tomorrow, Kim isn’t working!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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