Place 49 – Day 52: Auckland – Phone Calls Galore & Builder Inspection

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had work again!
She got up and ready and headed down into the beautiful town of Devonport.

When she got to work she had a little chat with the boss so she could get an idea of some procedures and spent the day shadowing another receptionist.

It was very helpful and informative, although it might take a few attempts to get things right! There is a lot to remember!

When Kim finished her shift she was given a lovely beetroot and goats cheese salad, it was tasty! She sat and had a chat with a few colleagues while she enjoyed her lunch.

When Kim got home she popped the laundry on and then played a couple of games of Fortnite with Ben.
After a couple of games she assisted with making a tasty dinner..

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work for 07:25 and actually had the heaters on in the car as it was a little bit nippy this morning!

He got to work and began with work he had to get done, but was often interrupted by the phone.

Curtis’ company doesn’t get many phone calls, but today was an exception!

Curtis took a lot of calls and therefore didn’t get to do what he planned until right at the end of the day.

The weather warmed up and by the time he left work the weather was excellent!

Both of us;

Curtis got home and Kim & our host were almost done with dinner. Dinner was steak marinated in soy & sesame with vegetables and soba noodles. Divine!

Once we ate dinner, we had an ice cream and beer and watched some TV and played some Xbox.. A nice chill evening as usual!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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