Place 49 – Day 51: Auckland – Public Holiday Picnic & First Playoff Game!

We woke up at around 09:30 and then eventually got out of bed and Kim made a brilliant breakfast of English muffins with egg and bacon. Delicious!

We then played some fortnite and then we left the house to meet up with our new found friends for a picnic!

We drove about 20 minutes and then met them at a supermarket. At the supermarket, we got all the requirements for a picnic and the set off to the picnic spot.

Due to the public holiday, which is regarding Maori history, none of us realised that the place we were planning to go was going to be busy. Our friends realised and we headed back the other way to find a place to stop.

We stopped at a random park and just sat down there. There was some lovely views and the sun was hot! It was a really awesome picnic with some awesome people! We ate plenty and spoke a lot.

Just before we left, we all took photos on a big tree which had branches spread out everywhere. It was an amazing tree!

We left here and drove home. We played some more Xbox and then got ready to go to Curtis’ first playoff game!

We got to the rink way before everyone else, but we went for a walk to pass the time. We came across an incredible Hindu temple!

We got back to the rink and just waited for more people to arrive.

The game started and our friends we were with earlier came to watch too, which was so good of them!

Curtis’ team started off on the back foot but came back from an early 2 goal deficit. The other team then got another 2 and Curtis’ team got another 2 and got it back to even.

The game went to overtime at 6-6 and eventually Curtis’ team lost 7-6 in overtime!

This result means they have to win the 2 remaining games to qualify for the semi finals.


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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