Place 49 – Day 50: Auckland – Kim’s First Day at Work

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim got up and had a ‘busy day’ breakfast of three weetbix (weetabix at home).

Kim then got ready for her first day at work and headed into town.

When Kim arrived she had a little tour of the hotel to get a feel for the rooms, layout and where stuff is.

After this the boss has a meeting and Kim went along to observe.

Kim then shadowed at reception for a while and made a new poster.

The hotel had an issue arise where they needed someone to assist with functions, as this will be a big part of Kim’s role she offered to stay late to cover.

Kim then grabbed a bite to eat, the lunch meal was fish and chips. It was tasty!

She then set up the function room and awaited for people to arrive. For the duration of the function Kim made sure everyone was comfortable and had enough food.

At the end of the function Kim cleared up the room and then had a little chat with the boss about how the day went.

As a celebration of her first day at work Kim stopped by a super market and bought a cheapy bottle of bubbly.
For a first day, it went really well and Kim is very happy with her new job.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis drove to work and there wasn’t much traffic due to it being a day before a public holiday, so a lot of people were off work.

Curtis got to the office and had some laptops to rebuild so he started on those as well as getting some admin done.

Throughout the day, Curtis picked up some tasks and then had to go down the road to a client (just a 4 minute walk!) to get a backup from them.

Whilst walking, it started to rain, but Curtis was expecting this so he walked fast. By the time he got there, the rain got really heavy.

It took all but 5 minutes to do the actual work but took about 20 minutes to get back due to having to stop under a roof out of the rain!

It wouldn’t stop, so eventually Curtis just walked around the corner to work and didn’t get too wet.

Curtis left at 16:30 and drove home. Again, there was little traffic as there wasn’t many people working!

Both of us;

Once Kim got home around 18:30, we had some dinner. Our host had made A MyBBQBag meal of mini hot dogs with coleslaw.

We then watched some TV with some sparkling wine and played some fortnite but had to watch the next episode of peaky blinders before we slept as it was on a cliff hanger!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


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