Place 49 – Day 49: Auckland – Cinema Take Two

We woke up and had the same breakfast as yesterday, but it was still delicious!

We played some Fortnite and then Curtis watched the Leafs whilst Kim played fortnite and baked some cookies with Ben!

The cookies were M&M cookies and they came out really well and they are tasty!

Once the baking was done, we left to go to the cinema!

We went to watch Pitch Perfect 3. We got there with plenty of time remaining but we had to queue for a while so didn’t have any time by the time we got our tickets. We also got some popcorn which was tasty.

The cinema had reclining seats in all screens, so we got to have our feet up whilst we watched the film! Very comfy and the film was pretty good.

We finished the film and got back into the car to drive home. On the way, we went to the supermarket and picked up a frozen pizza each as we were feeling lazy!

We watched the season 2 finale of Peaky Blinders and then played some fortnite.

Kim starts work tomorrow!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


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