Place 49 – Day 48: Auckland – Cinema Fail & Homemade Steak Dinner

We got a nice lay in today and then we had a lovely breakfast! We had an English muffin with egg, bacon and cheese!

We ate this and then we got showered, watched some TV and played some games.

We then left to go to the cinema.

We got to the cinema and then realized we were at the wrong one and therefore we were late for the film. We drove to the correct cinema anyway and then noticed that it was very expensive to park, so we just have up and went to the shop to get some food for dinner.

Curtis came up with the idea of a steak dinner!

We got home and then we made our dinner. With our sirloin steak we had Mushrooms, shallots, peas & wedges. We also had a Merlot gravy. Kim cooked it perfectly and Curtis seasoned it perfectly and it was delicious!

We finished off the evening with some more TV and we’ll attempt the cinema thing again tomorrow!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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