Place 49 – Day 46: Auckland – 2 Good Phone Calls

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim did very little! She spent the morning relaxing and getting some admin done.

Kim then put a load of laundry on and played a few games of fortnite.

She then popped out to get some stuff for dinner. Kim decided to make chicken nuggets with wedges, perfect for the miserable day we have had.

Kim also had a chat with the local diving academy and is considering possibly signing up for diving again.

When Kim got home she and Ben started on the dinner.

They were peeling potatoes and crushing Doritos!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis left for work and was cautious as there was a large amount of wind due to the cyclone that was hitting New Zealand!

Curtis got to work safely and began working.

A new guy started today so Curtis had a chat or two with him and he is also from the UK (but northern).

During the day, Curtis got a phone call from a hockey team telling him that they want him to sign for them for the winter season! Curtis registered for this team!

Curtis left work around 16:35 and it took about 55 minutes to get home!

Both of us;

When Curtis got home he played some Xbox whilst Kim and Ben finished off the dinner.

For dinner, Kim and Ben made chicken in Dorito crumb with wedges and veg! Very tasty home made version of a classic!

We finished dinner and had an ice cream and watched some TV.

Curtis helped our host with an issue they were having with their printer and then we played some Fortnite.


– Mr & Mrs Hale


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