Place 49 – Day 45: Auckland – We The Kings

Kim’s Day;

Kim’s cold seems to be coming to and end! Kim had planned to sleep in to make sure that she kicks the cold before the We The Kings concert tonight. However it was Bens first day at a new school so she got up and wished him luck.

Once he was on his way Kim then put a wash on, as you can tell it’s an exciting day from the start!

Kim then got some breakfast together and attempted some admin. She tried to import all of the files from the GoPro but each time she did so it just came up saying that it was cancelled so she gave up!

Kim then played a couple of games on the Xbox before she headed out on a few errands.

While Kim was out she popped to pack and save, this shop is like Lidl or Aldi and Macro or Costco had a baby! It was huge and there were deals everywhere, the next weekly shop will be done there, totally worth the drive.

Kim then headed back and got ready for the concert tonight. Kim then walked to the ferry and from the ferry to Curtis work!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work for 07:20 and didn’t have to go to a client today so he had some time to work on his cases.

Today was a busy day at work but that made the day go fast!

For lunch, Curtis forgot to get his food from the fridge before he left so he went to Wendy’s and got a $5 deal which was awesome! It was a deluxe cheeseburger, a small drink, medium fries and a small ice cream.

Once Curtis got back to work, he continued to be busy right up to the last moment. He got changed and met Kim outside his work.

Both of us;

We walked from Curtis’ work to the city where we went for a Nando’s. We both had chicken burgers and shared a corn on the cob whilst Kim also had some coleslaw.

We left here and went to a shop, mostly just to kill some time.

We walked back towards Curtis’ work and waited outside the pub one street down as we had booked tickets to see We The Kings!

We The Kings are the band that sung one of our first dance songs and we’ve seen them live already but wanted to do so again!

Whilst in the queue, we made some friends who we stayed with for the whole show!

There were 2 bands before We The Kings. We believe they were called ‘Fire For Glory’ and ‘Written By Wolves’ both of which were pretty good!

We were right at the front of the stage (2nd row), not that that was difficult as it was a very small venue and not many people watching!

We The Kings came out and it was amazing! They played their first album and a few other songs. They really didn’t want to get off the stage so just sang a few more songs!

Towards the end, they played our first dance song which was awesome to hear it live!

We had an awesome time but we are in pain from all the jumping. We waited around a little bit to meet them but they never showed so we left.

We drove home and got back about 00:20 so straight to bed!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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