Place 49 – Day 44: Auckland – Last Hockey Game of the Regular Season!

Kim’s Day;

Kim woke up and had a lazy morning while our host family popped out to visit Bens new school that he starts tomorrow.

After this they had a few errands to run so dropped Ben back home and he played a few video games and we just generally relaxed for a while. He was shattered and Kim is still recovering from her cold so it was nice to just chill out.

When our hosts got back Kim headed into town to buy a few things for dinner. She also went for a mini walk along the pier, it was such a beautiful sunny day today!

Cool photo of Devonport!

Kim then popped to the supermarket and then on the way back picked herself up a subway.

Kim and Ben played a few games of Fortnite before some people came over for a catch up. As Ben and many other kids are starting at a new school our host has a few mums and their kids around.

The kids played in the pool and on the trampolines while the mums talked and had a dip in the pool too.
Towards the end Kim made a start on dinner. We were having something quick and easy because Curtis has hockey tonight. It was a nice light tuna pasta salad!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis’ day started at 06:10 when he awoke and got ready for work.

Curtis drove to work and got there for around 07:20.

Once Curtis was at work, he got a coffee and got some admin done and then packed up at 09:00 to walk down to a client.

The weather wasn’t amazing but wasn’t exactly great, though it made it pleasant to walk in.

Curtis was at the client from 09:15 to 16:00 and got more than he thought he would done!

When Curtis had lunch, he went outside and sat in the park near the client for a bit and ate his salad. Once that was done, he just went for a walk around the city.

During this walk, on the way back, he was stopped by someone from Save The Children. Now, of course, it’s a wonderful charity, but it was a 25 minute conversation and then the lady was very offended that Curtis didn’t want to pay $35 per month..

Curtis left the client at 16:00 and went back to the office and spoke with his boss and then left for home.

Both of us;

When Curtis got home, he had some dinner (tuna pasta!) and a drink and then off to hockey it was!

We got to the Rink after an hour of driving and Curtis realized that he hadn’t put contact lenses in! Playing with glasses it was which he hasn’t done since being a kid!

The game got off to a bad start for the Cones and, as someone on the team forgot their jersey (they had to wear a different one) the team had a 4 minute penalty at the start of the game, which the opposition scored on.

The game wore on and the Cones were down 6-1 but clawed it back to 6-3 in the last period. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough and Curtis’ team finished last in the league. That being said, playoffs are coming and they can still win the playoffs!

We drove home, had a ginger beer & an ice cream and watched some Peaky Blinders!

Photo driving home


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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