Place 49 – Day 43: Auckland – Auckland Day

We woke up around 08:45 to speak with Curtis’ family and then we got ready.

We had some breakfast (just some toast) and got ready and then left the house (before midday!).

We drove to Sylvia Park and went to H&M. We spent some time here and got Kim some work shirts as she starts work in a week or so.

We left here and went to a chocolate Cafe and got a mocha each. Curtis got a Cinnamon Mocha and Kim got a Coconut Mocha, with a free chocolate! Curtis got a lemon sorbet chocolate and Kim got a chocolate truffle.

We left Sylvia park and drove to the city after Kim tried out a massage chair!

We got to the city and the roads were empty which we aren’t used to!

We parked up near Curtis’ work and the parking was free due to being a public holiday.

We had to go to a few shops whilst in town so we got that done whilst we were there.

Today, it was very hot but a lovely day! We planned to go up the sky tower but soon changed our mind when our host informed us of a ‘festival’ which was happening at the Port. This festival was due to Auckland Day and there was a lot going on!

We walked around for a bit and checked it all out. There were a lot of food stalls, buskers and boats!

We watched two buskers briefly. The first was a magician and the second was a couple which were gymnasts!

We also went to the Maori area which had singers who were very good!

We got pretty warm and started to get hungry, so we walked to the end of the entertainment and turned around to walk back. We noticed a beautiful view of the city so we had to get a photo!

We got back to the car eventually and drove home.

Kim went for a quick dip in the pool and then we made our dinner. We just had a baby spinach, beetroot & feta salad which was nice after such a warm day!

We sat and watched some TV and then played fortnite.

Curtis is back to work tomorrow and is at a client again all day and then has the important last hockey game of the season!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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