Place 49 – Day 42: Auckland – Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump Around!

We woke up early with the plan to speak with Curtis’ parents. Unfortunately, other plans were made and instead we got up and had breakfast.

We had egg and bacon on toast and then chilled out for a bit as we were tired!

Kim spoke with her family and then Kim took Ben out to Jump which is a trampoline park! They were there for an hour and it was a lot of fun but tiring!

Kim got back but didn’t feel to great so she had a lay down.

Once Kim had relaxed, we made dinner!

We made homemade lemon chicken which was lemon battered chicken, fried served with rice, carrot and spring onion.. Delicious!

We had a beer with that and then followed it up with an ice cream!

We watched some TV then we got a hot chocolate!

We finished the night off with some fortnite and then off to bed it was.

We’re taking to Curtis’ family in the morning and then we have plans as it’s a day off!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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