Place 49 – Day 41: Auckland – An Afternoon on The Sea

We woke up around 10:30 and Kim made bacon and eggs on toast for breakfast.

Once we ate, we got ready and then went to town to get a Vietnamese coffee!

After walking back from town, we went out with our host family to the beach where we took their boat out!

We went out to sea and looked at a lighthouse, which was next to a former volcano which is now a nature reserve. Once we got to the lighthouse, we turned around and headed back, but stopped to let Kim and Ben go on an inflatable whilst being dragged by the boat. They had a great time doing this!

We all got pretty wet from the big waves, but it was great fun!

We came back to shore and grabbed a coffee and just chilled out for a bit. Kim did some handstands too, because why not!

We left here and came home then we each jumped in the shower. Kim then played some Fortnite with Ben before we made some dinner.

For dinner, we had chicken fajitas with a Corona!

After dinner, we played some card games with our hosts and then went to bed to watch some TV. Still 2 more days left of the weekend!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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