Place 49 – Day 40: Auckland – Successful Day at work & Vietnamese Dinner Out

Kim’s Day;

Kim got up and headed straight to town to drop off some paperwork for her new job.

After this Kim popped to the super market to get stuff for dinner, fajitas need peppers!

Kim then headed back home to take Ben to a tumbling, trampoline and tricking class that’s run by a local freeruninng group called flow.

Our host came with us so we hopped in the car, got Ben a subway and did the 30 min drive to the lesson.

Our host and Kim watched for an hour and then headed out to get stuff done. Our host visited a friend and Kim got a bit of shopping done.

When Kim returned back to the lesson it was still in full swing and Kim was allowed to have a go on the apparatus.

Then there was a very fun game of dodgeball that lasted an hour.
Kim and Ben had a great time! We did the drive home.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was in the office all day today and got a lot of cases resolved. Some he had to really get his teeth stuck into which is always good to break up the normal tasks.

Some of the Australian office were visiting today so it was useful to have them there whilst Curtis’ boss was at a client.

Curtis was able to leave on time today which meant the traffic was much better than leaving late.

Both of us;

Curtis got home and Kim had planned to make fajitas but the chicken wasn’t defrosted enough so we went out for dinner instead.

There is a wonderful little Vietnamese restaurant down in the town so we walked down to there. We were not disappointed!

We had steak with chilli and onion as well as grilled pork in a broth with noodles and vegetables as well as minced pork. This also came with a lonesome friend spring roll.

So tasty!

We finished eating and then we went for a walk along by the ferry port which is a lovely view of the city!

We finished the night with a Corona and some TV and Fortnite!

Worse ways to spend an evening.


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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