Place 49 – Day 38: Auckland – All Day Client Visit, Haircut, Key cut and Washing

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had to get keys cut and take Ben to the hairdressers.

Kim did some admin during the morning and then started on the laundry.

Ben and Kim played a game of fortnite then headed to town. Kim dropped Ben off at the hair dresses and went to get the keys cut.

After his haircut Kim and Ben headed to New World to get some baking supplies.

When we got back Kim fixed some lunch and did some more laundry. While this was drying Kim took a dip in the pool!

After this Kim did the ironing.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis drove to work and get there for around 07:25.

Curtis knew that he had to go to a client this morning so had some laptops to configure as well as some memory sticks to format and make bootable.

Once Curtis had finished doing this, it was time to go to the client. Curtis and Colten, his boss, drove down to the client.

They had to drop off some laptops as well as configure all user machines to convert them over from a local domain controller to the cloud.

Curtis was there all day but did get a lunch break where he went and got a Subway and a coffee.

Curtis then got back to the office and had a few conversations regarding the action plan for remaining machines as some need to be fully wiped so will take a while.

After this, it was finally time to leave. Curtis had been at the client for over 8 hours but got 50% of the work done which was good.

Curtis then drove home and there was horrendous traffic, as expected.

Both of us;

Once Curtis got home, he played some Xbox and then we had some dinner and watched TV.

Before bed, we played some Fortnite!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


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