Place 49 – Day 37: Auckland – Swimming, Diving & Another Busy Day!

Kim’s Day;

Kim had a bank appointment today at 11 so she got up and ready for that. Ben came along to the appointment and we saw a cute dog there too!

The appointment took 40 minutes and Kim now finally has a bank account! After the appointment Ben and Kim headed to subway to grab some lunch at eat back at home.

We then headed out in the car to go swimming and diving! This meant Kim needed a swimming costume because it’s risky business diving in a bikini! We stopped at rebel sports on the way and Kim picked out a nice stripy purple speedo costume that was in the clearance section, which we all know is the best section of any store!

We then hopped in the car and headed over to the pool. The pool has two slides and three diving boards. One slide is closed indefinitely and the other is great fun. There is a 1 and 3 meter springboard and a 5 meter high board. Kim has not been diving in many years, more than she cares to remember! Having said this some things were like riding a bike!

Kim managed to do a range of dives that she never thought she ever would again! Including a pike dive off of the 5 meter board, unfortunately we didn’t get any videos of this!

Ben managed to learn two new dives too! We both had great fun playing in the pools and making up challenges for the diving boards.

(videos on instagram and facebook!)

Today was a good day for Kim! After about 3 hours playing in the pool we headed home and got ready for Curtis’ hockey match!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis drove to work and it was not too busy on the roads. Curtis got to work and didn’t have too much to do so got to plan his day a little bit.

Unfortunately, from around 08:30 the phones were pretty busy and the Australia office weren’t available so it was all Curtis answering the calls! Due to this, Curtis was unable to get much done! At lunch, Curtis walked down to a client in the town hall which is a beautiful building to collect some paperwork. Curtis left at 04:30 sharp and drove home.

Tomorrow, Curtis is going to a client with all of the people in the Auckland office and standardising all 30+ machines! On the plus side, Japanese food!

Both of us;

When Curtis got home, Ben joined us to Curtis’ ice hockey game! When we eventually arrived (there was awful traffic!) Kim went to get McDonald’s whilst Curtis sat with Ben. When Kim came back, Curtis was ready and got on to the ice for warmup.

The game was a chippy and physical one and was a really difficult game to play in as they were a very good team! Luckily, Curtis’ team won again and in penalty shots so a 3 game win streak! Curtis had a penalty shot during the game (and didn’t score it) and also got a body checking penalty as well as had a bit of rough stuff. All good fun!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


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