Place 49 – Day 36: Auckland – Trampolining & Being on The Phone

Kim’s Day;

Kim didn’t sleep so well so felt pretty groggy when she woke up.

After a slow wake up she headed upstairs for breakfast and had a little chat with the hosts.

Kim had to head into her new work place to sort a few things out, hopefully she will start in Feb!

After the meeting at work Kim headed to the bank to try to open an account but there were no appointments available for today so she arranged one for tomorrow.

She came back and fixed herself some lunch and when Ben came back with his friend they played some Fortnite on the Xbox. After a couple of games we all went and played on the trampoline!

After this the kids went and played in the pool and Kim got us registered at a local doctors.

When Kim got back she prepped dinner and the ironed Curtis’ work shirts.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis’ day started at 06:10 when he, begrudgingly, got out of bed and got ready for work.

When Curtis got to work, he grabbed a coffee and started working. At the start of the day he only had a few cases but he accumulated a few more throughout the day. Curtis had some laptops to rebuild but two were not playing ball. One got done though.

For a lot of the afternoon, Curtis was trying to sort out a scanner which wasn’t connecting. He eventually got it to work and set up a preset which made it easier for the client.

Curtis was also technically on the phones today but he only took one call!

Before Curtis knew it, it was time to leave!

Curtis drove home and it took about 40 minutes.

Both of us;

Once Curtis got home, we chilled out for a bit and then Kim finished off dinner. We had an Asian inspired dish. Homemade egg fried rice, chicken marinated in honey & soy as well as vegetables! Delicious!

We ate this and then we just sat and watched some TV for a couple of hours… Perfect evening!


-Mr & Mrs Hale

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