Place 49 – Day 35: Auckland – Paddle boarding & Monopoly

We started the day with breakfast and then Curtis sat and chatted with our hosts about all of our experiences while traveling whilst Kim got ready.

Curtis was watching hockey at 13:00, so whilst he was watching that, Kim went paddle boarding with Ben! Kim was out got a couple of hours paddle boarding and was able to stand up, which is good! Kim had a great time.

Once Kim got back and hockey finished, we went to a shopping centre up the road which had shop in it that Kim wanted to look at swimsuits in. Unfortunately, there were no good swimsuits so we left there and went to the supermarket next door instead.

We did about a 2 week shop and we got some varied meats and ingredients so we can mix it up a bit!

Food is one thing we’ve picked up more influences for whilst traveling.

We got back and stuck our quick lasagne we bought (because we’re lazy!) into the oven and waited.. Once we ate it, along with a Corona, we sat down and played monopoly with Ben & his mum, Elaine.

We had a good time, though it did get a bit tiresome at the end, especially as Curtis was out!

Back to work tomorrow for Curtis and not long until Kim is at work!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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