Place 49 – Day 33: Auckland – Kim Got A Job!

Kim’s Day;

Today, Kim woke up and relaxed for a bit and then suddenly the power went out. There was a funny smell coming from a cupboard for some of the day before.

Our hosts had called an electrician who said to turn the power off right away. He then came over and fixed the electrics while Kim and the family talked over breakfast.

As you can see, things could have gotten very bad, but al least it’s all sorted now!

Kim then went out for a little walk and explored some of the coastal area of Devonport.

While Kim was out she received a message about the interview yesterday, the owner asked Kim to come in and discuss things further.

When Kim got home she made some plans with the host family for activities to do next week and had a little lunch.

Kim then took the car out for a little drive with our host and their son (Big Dude) to get her bearings and get used to the car.

When she got back Kim played a game of Fortnite with Big Dude and then prepared to have another meeting with the owner of the business.

She drove down and had her meeting and can now confirm that she has a job! It’s a good day for Kim!

Curtis’ Day; Curtis woke up at the usual time and got ready then left for work. When Curtis got to work, he had a few people to email to organise times to fix their problems.

Curtis worked pretty hard for most of the day to resolve a lot of cases. Most of which were a little more difficult than usual as he doesn’t really know the systems too well yet!

Curtis left work and had an adequate amount of traffic.

When Curtis got home, Kim was still not back so he played a little Xbox. Once he played, the kid we are living with wanted to play some games with Curtis so they did that for a bit.

Both of us;

Kim then got back and told Curtis that she got the job! She did a 2 hour meeting where she just looked around and got to understand the role.

We then went and got some food for dinner from the supermarket. We got a hot chicken and some beer!

We had lime beer which is delicious and for dinner we had the chicken with salad.

After we ate, Kim played some fortnite with the child and then she went in the pool with everyone! Curtis used this time to play Xbox!

We then settled down to watch some TV. We watched the big fat quiz of the year 2017 which was hilarious!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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