Place 49 – Day 32: Auckland – 1 Month in The Country & Potential Job! 

Today marks our 1 month mark of being in the country!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim got up as Curtis left for work as she had an interview!

She spent the next couple of hours having breakfast and getting ready.

She then walked to the interview in the pouring rain and arrived 10 minutes before.

The interview lasted roughly two hours and was more of an informal chat which was nice. Kim is very hopeful for the job but we will just have to wait and see.

Kim then headed back, again in the rain. Kim had planned to go job hunting as a back up this afternoon but the weather was so terrible she decided to postpone it. First impressions matter and looking like she had just walked through a shower fully clothed isn’t the impression Kim wanted to have!

When Kim got back she fixed herself a nice post interview lunch of a ham and mayo sarnie with cucumber and peppers on the side! Tasty!

Kim then relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, it was easy to do having got the interview out of the way!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up at the normal time and headed to work around 7:00.

It was a normal timed drive so it didn’t take long at all.

When he got to work, he started to finish the laptops he had been setting up and also checked the help desk incase of any issues.

This was Curtis’ first proper day of doing client cases, so he got to experience different things to usual.

The day was busy but went quite slow, but at least it was busy!

Both of us;

We chilled out for a bit when Curtis got home and then we ordered a dominoes and went to collect it.

We ate that and then investigated a dodgy smell on our house which was odd. We then played UNO with the family here and had a fun time!

We came down to our room and played some Fortnite and we have both vastly improved, Kim especially!

That was basically the night for us. No walk as it has been raining all day!

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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