Place 49 – Day 30: Auckland – Haircut, Job Searching & Curtis’ First FHL Goal! 

Curtis woke up at 06:00 as he was working 07:30 to 16:30 today due to having a hockey game at 19:15.

Kim had already, because she’s lovely, made Curtis’ lunch so she stayed in bed.

Kim’s Day; 

Today Kim got up and booked a hair appointment. It’s been about 6 months since her last hair cut, back in Puerto Princessa. 

It was much better than that haircut too. It started with a wash and condition, this chilled Kim right out and she was all relaxed after that. It was then time to hop in the chair and get chopping! About two minutes in she was asked if she wanted a tea or coffee, feeling all zen and lovely Kim took up the offer for a coffee and what a great idea that was! Not only did she get a coffee but she got a mini fancy chocolate with it! Someone’s living the high life!

After the haircut,  Kim headed over to the supermarket to get other stuff that Curtis and Kim forgot the other day. That’s what happens when you don’t write a decent shopping list!

Kim then plodded home with the shopping to make a start on dinner and have some lunch.

For dinner, Kim make a cold chicken pasta salad. It was easier to hand something cold because Curtis had another hockey game tonight, yay!

Then Kim went to look into places to apply to work at. As we have settled in somewhere the hunt now begins!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis drove to work and as he left early he didn’t have much traffic to deal with. 

Curtis got to work and had a few things to do, but wasn’t hugely busy. 

Once Curtis’ colleagues got in, he had some things to do! He had to finish off a laptop setup as well as he had to create a batch file to run a backup on a server. He had never done this so after a lot of time and a lot of Googling, he was able to figure it out and add it to the server! 

7 laptops then arrived which needed to be configured, so Curtis started with that. 

Curtis was also informed that he can start doing work for clients which is going to be interesting! 

Curtis then drove home at 16:30, again, with minimal traffic. 

Both of us;

Curtis got home and we ate the dinner that Kim made. It was lovely! We sat and watched some videos while we ate dinner and then Curtis got ready for hockey. 

We drove to hockey and it was incredibly busy on the roads! 

We got there and then Kim nipped out to the shops to get some hair products. 

Curtis then got changed and was ready! 

It was a very good game and Curtis’ team (who are still last) were playing the 2nd place team. 

Curtis scored his first FHL goal and the first goal of the game in his first shift of the game. A lovely tip in front of the net!

Curtis then had a solid game and his team won 3-2! 

Hockey is going well so far! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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