Place 49 – Day 29: Auckland – Awful Traffic, Car Crisis Averted & Room Setup! 

We woke up this morning at 06:00 and Curtis got up and got ready for work. He had some cereal whilst Kim made him a sandwich. 

Curtis then left for work at about 07:00, as he thought it would take longer than it did! 

Kim went back to bed for a bit more sleeping! 

Kim’s Day;

Kim woke up at around 9:30 and had a lovely Skype call with her family who recently visited the Harry Potter Studios and loved it!

She then moved straight on to boring admin, the first task was her CV, this took a while. 

After that Kim started to unpack and move in. It was a bit strange unpacking our bags and putting things in places where they will be for the next year!

She then moved on to moving the furniture about a bit. There was a spare unit in the house that we are allowed to use, so Kim moved it from the spare room into our room. It was a bit knackering but totally worth it, now we have space to store stuff!

After this, Kim did something that she doesn’t enjoy doing and usually makes Curtis do, the dreaded ironing! She ironed all of our shirts and hung them in the wardrobe. 

Then, Kim cracked on with a little more admin, a bit of googling to see what’s about in the area we now live in and where everything is.

Curtis’ Day;

 It only took about 30 minutes for Curtis to get to work, so he was there about 07:30!

Curtis had to setup 2 laptops and one PC today, but before doing that he had to call a courier to collect and deliver a package.

Curtis was then able to get on with some more of his regular work, but focusing mainly on getting the PCs sorted.

At lunchtime, Curtis went down to the city to purchase an extension cable for our room. This was a bit of a walk and it was very tiring and hot!

Curtis was at work until 17:00 and then left. It took about 1 hour to get home due to some crazy busy traffic! Here’s to hoping it’s not that bad every day! 

Both of us;

Curtis got home and then was unable to get the key out of the ignition! It was panic for both of us, but then Kim realised that the gear was set to N instead of P! Silly Curtis! But a least the crisis was averted!

Curtis checked out what Kim had done through the day and it was awesome! All he had to do was setup his Xbox, which he sorted when he got home.

Once he sorted out his Xbox, we had some dinner. Kim made bolognese with penne pasta and we washed it down with some Fanta.

We then went downstairs and sat on the sofa and watched some TV! We haven’t watched TV in at least a week so it was nice! We caught up on NCIS:LA and then Curtis played some NHL18 and then we went to bed!

There it is.. In all its wonderful glory 🎮

A long busy day!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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