Place 49 – Day 28: Auckland – Out For a Drink & Last Move In Auckland! 

We woke up and our hosts went out to meet friends so we just stayed back and had some breakfast.

We chilled out for a bit and then packed up our bags for hopefully the last time in about a year! We lugged everything out to the car and got it in there ready and then our hosts arrived back.

When our hosts got back, we went down to a pub down the road and had a drink there as a farewell.

We really enjoyed our time with this family and it was actually a shame to leave!

Kim had a Rekordlig and Curtis had a beer and we all shared some beer battered chips. 

We left the pub and took a quick photo together before we left! 

We then hopped in the car and made our way to the next house, which was about 20 minutes away in Devonport.

We arrived and brought in all of our things and then ran to the supermarket. 

We got back and a BBQ had been made! We had sausages, steak, chicken skewers and salad, along with a beer!

We chatted for a bit and then we all went to play football with the 11 year old boy! We then changed an played a game similar to tig but with a ball. It was good fun but tiring!

We then came downstairs (we basically have a whole floor to ourselves!) and got ready for work and bed. 


Mr & Mrs Hale 

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