Place 49 – Day 27: Auckland – Big Full English, Glenfield Mall & Homemade Burgers

The weekend!

We woke up around 09:00 and it was lovely to sleep in a little!

We got up and then had a massive full English breakfast! Our hosts cooked the meat on the BBQ! We had egg, bacon, toast, balsamic mushrooms and tomatoes, beans and hash browns.

We then cleared up,  got dressed and then went out to Glenfield Mall as Kim has been previously during the week and said there is a cheap and tasty coffee shop so we had to go!

We got a coffee, Curtis an iced mocha and Kim an iced chocolate with caramel, and it was delicious and just $3.50 for any large drink!

We did a bit of shopping and then we came back home and chilled out for a bit. We sat with the children and played with them, fed the youngest their dinner and then she went to bed and we had our dinner. 

We had a homemade BBQd burger and Kim made some potato wedges to go with it as well as a nice mustard mayo to go in it. It was delicious!

We then finished watching the film we started yesterday, Child 44, and although it has a bad rating we thought it was pretty good and Tom Hardy is solid in it!

Tomorrow, we are leaving this house and moving into our house that we are at for the year! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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