Place 49 – Day 26: Auckland – First Client Visit & “Chipmunk’s”! 

Curtis got up at 06:30 and bad some toast and got ready. Kim got up and made Curtis’ lunch which was a ham, lettuce & mayo sandwich and some fruit and vegetables. 

Kim’s Day: 

Today Kim and the girls went on an adventure! They headed over to an indoor playground and spent the morning over there. Big Miss explored on her own and then came to play with Little Miss and Kim in this ball pit area. It was great fun. 

They all headed home after a few hours and some snacks, the children must have enjoyed themselves as the children both fell asleep in the car!

When they all got back the children had a little dip in the paddling pool and then they had a nice chilled, lazy afternoon while our host popped out for an hour or so. 

Kim then started prepping for dinner. We had a Mexican quinoa with cheesy corn on the cob. Unfortunately all the cheese fell off the corn so we had cheese infused corn on the cob, because we are fancy and adaptable like that!

While Kim was prepping, her and our host thought that this meal would be elevated with a bit of steak! So our host popped out to grab the steak and it just topped the meal off perfectly!

Curtis’ Day:

Curtis left for work and arrived quite early. He started by ensuring the 2 PCs that he built yesterday were complete and run some updates on them.

Once this was done, he continued with his normal tasks which he does at the moment. 

At 14:00, Curtis went with a colleague to a client down the road and setup the 2 PCs for them. Whilst they were there, Curtis had to setup the machines with standard things such as printers etc and then had to patch in a network point that wasn’t connected. Curtis helped the client with a  few other things and then left and went back to the office. 

Curtis got more admin done and then left, driving home. The roads were pretty much empty so it was an easy drive home and he did it without Google Maps!

Both of us;

Curtis got home from work and Kim was making dinner. Whilst Kim was doing this, Curtis used the opportunity to get some server maintenance done that has to be done out of hours. 

We then sat down for some dinner and it was delicious! Once we finished, we cleaned up and then sat down and had a chat then watched half of the film ‘Child 44’.

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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