Place 49 – Day 25: Auckland – PC Builds & Struggling With A Pushchair 

Curtis woke up at 06:45 and Kim stayed in bed whilst Curtis got ready. 

Kim got up just before Curtis left and made him a sandwich for lunch because she is lovely! Curtis then left for work at around 07:20.

Kim’s Day: 

Kim had a busy morning today!

Our host had to run out to do some errands before her friend popped over. Kim cleaned the lounge and kitchen while she was out. 

Little miss woke up mid clean but was in such a good mood that she let Kim finish most of the cleaning!!

After our hosts friend came by, Kim took little miss on a walk to get her to sleep. 

After this it was lunch time! Today’s lunch was a ham and mayo sarnie!

Once lunch was done, Kim did a bit of weeding, it was pretty hot outside and weeding always looks like a smaller job than it is, so Kim was a bit knackered after!

It got pretty hot during the day and this upset little miss a bit so Kim ran her to the same shopping centre they went to yesterday, Glenfield Mall, to cool her down and get her out and about. 

This went really well, little miss was nice and chill so we headed up to the car to pick Big Miss up. 

This is where Kim’s day got interesting and frustrating. 

Kim had been shown how to open the stroller but had no clue whatsoever how to close it! This meant that Kim was stood in a car park for about 10 minutes having an argument with a pushchair while little miss watched and laughed…She really could not figure it out! She eventually tried shoving it in the back of the car part folded but it just wouldn’t fit. Kim then did cave and call our host who tried to walk her through it, with no luck. Kim decided to try fitting the pushchair in a slightly different way and then the boot door was able to shut! Yay!

We then picked up Big Miss and headed home. 

Then it was time to cook dinner! Luckily Kim had prepared all the veggies so it was just a case of cooking, thank goodness!

Tonight we had a deconstructed veggie lasagne, how Master Chef-y does that sound!?

The recipe consisted of lasagne sheets, marinated artichoke, pesto, corvettes and tomatoes. No cheese!? We couldn’t have a lasagne with no cheese! We found some ricotta and our host decided to add it in to the dinner. That along with some peppers to spread it across us all. 

It was very tasty! Our additions made it far better we think!

Curtis’ Day:
Curtis drove to work and it was a little busier but was still manageable.

Once Curtis got to work, around 07:45, he was actually able to get into the building and get started with work, which was useful. 

 Curtis made a black coffee and got right to it! He had a lot of things to do so got those done pretty much right before the others arrived.

Curtis’ laptop arrived today so he got that and had to configure it but it was very easy to do!

A couple of new PCs for a client arrived too and Curtis built them. This was pretty simple concidering it’s been a while and it’s a new setup. This took a lot of the afternoon but they are done and Curtis may need to go to the client tomorrow to help set them up.

Curtis left about 15 minutes after 17:00 as he had to finish some stuff up and then he came home.

Both of us;

When Curtis got home, Kim had finished dinner so we sat down and ate that. It was delicious!

We sat outside for a little bit and drank some ginger beer whilst chatting then we went inside. 

 We cleared up then Curtis had to do some remote work which ended up taking about 1.5 hours, but he got it done.

Kim sat and chatted with our hosts during this and then we all sat down to finish the other half of ‘her’ which is still a very confusing film (though very good!).

Tomorrow is Friday so the end of Curtis’ first New Zealand work week! Kim has a busy day ahead of her tomorrow, too!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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