Place 49 – Day 24: Auckland – Box Disposal & A Picnic

We both woke up around 06:15 but Kim stayed in bed whilst Curtis got ready. Curtis got some toast for breakfast and got his lunch from the fridge which Kim had put together for him (leftover dinner). 

Kim’s Day:

Kim spent the day with both the girls today!

She headed to the park for a picnic under the shade of a tree and played on the swings. 

When Kim got back, she had some lunch and then helped the oldest child with a jigsaw puzzle. 

We then cleared away the remaining Christmas decorations and presents. 

After this our host, ‘Big Miss’ , ‘Little Miss’ and Kim headed to a shopping centre where they all stopped in a cafe. They all got a peppermint chocolate slice and a small coconut covered cake called a lemington. They all had an iced chocolate each and Big Miss got a ‘fluffy’. This is just foamed milk, the kind lady also have her two marshmallows! It was a good day!

They then ran a few errands, got Big Miss some sushi and then headed home. 

Kim then made a start on dinner. Today we had leek, butter bean and spinach with pesto, potato crisps and a zucchini pickle!

Curtis’ Day:

Curtis’ drive to work wasn’t busy at all and he left a little later too as he got to work so early yesterday!

Curtis got to work around 7:40 so only had to wait about 20 minutes.

Curtis was able to get in first time when his colleague arrived as he had a new card which actually allows him into the building!

Curtis got in and had some servers to restart so it was all hands on deck! 

Curtis was able to restart the servers he needed to and then was able to get a lot of other work done. 

During the day, Curtis found out that as soon as next week he will be heading to a client to reset some of their machines as well as re configure some, so that’s exciting! 

One of the people that works with Curtis got a trailer so that he could take away all of the rubbish, so Curtis helped carry all of the cardboard boxes, polystyrene and some IT hardware down the stairs so that it would get loaded into the trailer quicker. 

Curtis’ day was very productive and he already knows what to do tomorrow and has his own access card now so he can get in whenever he arrives! 

Curtis drove home and it took a while to get back today but nothing bad!

Both of us;

Curtis got home and Kim was nearly done with dinner. Curtis ironed shirts whilst Kim finished the dinner and then we ate! The weather outside was a little cooler then it has been which was nice. 

We the had a chocolate and salted caramel cake for dessert and watched half of the film ‘her’.

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

1 thought on “Place 49 – Day 24: Auckland – Box Disposal & A Picnic”

  1. Hi guys sounds like New Zealand is lovely, and glad curtis starting to enjoy his new job , what a fab adventure . Kimmy u can cook t for me any day always looks amazing i get so fed up of cooking every day loads love deb xxx

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