Place 49 – Day 23: Auckland – Curtis’ First FHL Game & Kim’s Play in The Park! 

We both woke up together at 06:15 and Curtis got some toast for breakfast whilst Kim was lovely and made him a sandwich for lunch as well as some other goodies!

Then, Curtis went off to work and Kim began her day…Our separate days began!

Kim’s Day:

Kim looked after the 11 month old while the mum ran some errands. 

When the mum returned,  Kim went to the park to play on the swings, with one of the children, and sit in the shade under a tree. It was planned that on the walk back we would hit nap time, but she was out for the count before we had even left the park!

When Kim got back, she had some lunch! It was a lovely ham, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Perfect!

Our host went out to lunch so Kim had a couple of hours to get stuff done. She was able to borrow our host’s car to head into town to run a few errands. 

When she got back it was time to make a start on dinner. 

Tonight we had homemade felafel with a side salad of quinoa, tomato, cucumber and red onion and yogurt dip. Kim made a start on the felafel and then was on baby duty again when the family got home. 

Kim then had a play in the paddling pool with both of the girls and then it was back to dinner preparations.

Tonight Kim put the baby to sleep, so her arms were knackered after that! She persisted and cried a little bit went down quickly because we had such a fun day!

Curtis’ Day:

Curtis got to work far too early, around 07:25 (he starts at 08:00!) and couldn’t get into the building as only 1 employee has a card! The person with the card arrived but the card refused to work, so we were stuck outside for 10 minutes, so Curtis didn’t get in until after 08:00!

Once Curtis got in, he fired up the laptop and finished off the work from yesterday that hadn’t been completed and once that was done he was feeling pretty accomplished, only to refresh the page and 50+ more had arrived for him to do, so that kept him busy. 

During lunch, Curtis got all of the things out of his car and put them in the office. There was a lot of old equipment in the car and it was in the way!

Curtis then ate his lunch that Kim made him and it was lovely. 

After around 15:00, the Managing Director came in and met Curtis for the first time in person. Curtis and the MD spoke about different things like the goals of the business and some other things a bit techy!

All in all, the 2nd day was busy but good for Curtis.

After work, he drove home. 

Both together again;

After both of our busy days, we were able to catch up over Kim’s wonderful dinner and then after, we left to go to the ice Rink as Curtis had his first ice hockey game in NZ! The rink was about 25 minutes away and it was a pretty easy drive.

Kim snapped an amazing photo of a praying mantis during dinner!

We got to the rink a bit early but it gave Curtis a chance to meet some teammates and watch the game that was going on at the time. The game before Curtis’ was a clash between 2nd place & 5th place (2nd from last) and it was a good game with the underdogs taking it… Then, it was up to Curtis’ team, named ‘Les Cones’ (Nope, no idea…) to win against 1st place to keep the fight between Curtis’ team (6th [last]  place) and 5th place team alive!

Curtis was nervous but had a pretty solid game… Probably one of the best he’s played ever! Many shots on goal, one of which was a very close backhander off the post and then a breakaway which rolled off his stick just before he shot which was a pain!

We still need to check the stats at some point, but Curtis may have got an assist.. We shall see!

At the end, Curtis’ team won in overtime, 3-2! First game, first win and against the team in 1st..

We’ll take it. 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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