Place 49 – Day 22: Auckland – Curtis’ First Day at Work! 

Whilst Curtis is working, our blogs will be separated into two sections;

Kim’s Day & Curtis’ Day. First up:

Kim’s Day:

After Kim dropped Curtis at work she headed back to the house, loaded up the car and tidied the bedroom. 

She then did a 5 minutes drive to our new family who we are staying with for one week. It’s an English family with two young girls, one 10 months old and one 4 year old. 

Kim met the family and had some lunch which was a tasty ham sandwich! 

Kim then headed into town with the family to run a few errands. While out, we popped to a coffee shop where Kim had a coconut ginger beer and we split two cheesecakes. One was pineapple and vanilla and the other was chocolate orange, both were delicious!

Then headed back where Kim played with the youngest girl while waiting for the eldest to arrive back. 

Then it was dinner time! The family use ‘my food bag’ which is a really cool company then sends out fresh ingredients, sauces and recipes to help families cook different things throughout the week. Tonight, Kim cooked leek, portobello mushroom and blue cheese tarts topped with chopped walnuts. This went alongside an orange and mint rocket salad. 

Just as Kim was plating up, Curtis arrived back home – perfect timing!

Curtis’ Day:

Curtis started the day by doing the usual. He had a shower, Kim made him a lovely big bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast and he had a coffee.

We both then lugged our bags downstairs and got them ready to go. 

Curtis got dressed into work clothes for the first time in a long time (though he does get to wear jeans) and was ready for work.

Kim had to drive Curtis to work today as he didn’t have a car (yet!). As he didn’t have to start until 11:00 today, we arrived around 10:20. We went just around the corner to a coffee shop where Curtis got a black coffee and Kim got a hot chocolate.

Once it was time, Curtis went to get into the office but was unable to! You have to have a pass to enter the building but, being the first day, Curtis didn’t have one.

Luckily, Curtis emailed the Managing Director and he got someone to come and open the door for him… Then, Curtis’ IT career in New Zealand began!

Curtis got settled and met 2 of the 3 employees in the Auckland office (one was working from home). Curtis got to learn more about the company and was shown a few things.

The office is very sparce as they have just moved in and there is nothing there! We have 4 people there now, a kitchen and bathrooms, but there are a lot of empty desks (enough for 40 people!) and where Curtis is currently sitting will be made into offices and a boardroom. 

Curtis was given a laptop at around 13:00 and then was able to Skype the Managing Director who he will be working with closely for a month or so. The call lasted about 1.5 hours and then he was able to get on with doing some basic work. The work was just basic server maintenance, checking for updates and installing them. These were really assigned to Curtis to get him to figure out the systems, the servers etc. 

Just before Curtis left, he was given the keys to his work car! He has a Mitsubishi Mirage, probably around 2010-2012… it drives well!

He took a few attempts to get out of the garage as it’s a weird layout with poles right by the exit which makes no sense but he did it eventually.

He drove to the petrol station, then realised that the petrol cap was on the other side so he had to drive out and back in again for the right side!

Once that was done, he had to find his way home which was pretty simple but a little different considering he was going to a completely new house!

Curtis arrived home and Kim had already made a lovely dinner!

We then chilled out and chatted with our new hosts and went to bed pretty early!

Early start for Curtis tomorrow! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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